So you want your life back..... 

My name is Tacha and I empower people who feel overwhelmed by life's circumstances, such as chronic illness, cancer or trauma, to leverage your strengths and increase your mind set and skill set in order to live a FIERCELY RESILIENT™️ life. 

This is my passion... and by helping so many others, who have suffered just like you, I've been able to refine and craft an easy, yet effective system to activate your resilience. 

I've created an easy, effective and integrated unique 12 step system from a combination of my clinical training, my psychotherapy practice, and my own life experiences of childhood abuse, battling chronic pain & illness for 15 years ( & counting), as well as recently overcoming Triple Negative breast cancer. 


By combining elements of Positive psychology, Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Somatic Experiencing, and the Neuroscience that supports each mindset shift and skill set.... you will quickly gain awareness of how to build your resilience beyond just surviving and into thriving. 


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More about how I can help you....

I'm a Resilience Coach that specializes in women’s health and wellness (including chronic pain / illness, cancer & autoimmune) grief and trauma.


I have an incredibly unique combination of life experience, clinical training and years of helping others with these issues. I am uniquely qualified and have  the intricate knowledge of how trauma and health problems (i.e. chronic pain / illness, autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, etc.) impact a person's life.

I’ve battled my own chronic illness (Interstitial Cystitis) for 15 years, a recent Triple Negative breast cancer survivor & childhood abuse survivor. I am the living embodiment of post traumatic growth. My passion and mission is to help others live a “Fiercely Resilient” life by educating, inspiring and empowering them.
That's why I've created these courses and programs in an easy, integrated way that you can start healing right away. 
My passion is to help others heal and encourage them to live the best version of their lives despite dealing with pain, illness, trauma and despair. Health challenges and trauma bring about a lot of different emotional, mental and relational issues that are often more difficult than the actual illness or trauma. I work to help you leverage your strengths, help build up hope, increase resilience (since nobody comes equipped on how to handle things like this) and learn ways to cope and thrive. Each person's situation is unique and I work with you in an integrative manner so that you get the best results.   
My goal is to create a safe environment where trust is built through genuine honesty, empathy and authenticity. I work with you in an open and non-judgmental way to help empower you to live the best version of your life regardless of circumstances. I have taught these tools, mindset and skill set to children (as young as four), adults, couples, adolescents, teens and entire families, as well as groups.  

I've created these course, workshops, membership and mastermind with you in mind.  The medical system doesn't address these issues and so you're left alone to figure the way forward.

Well, this is your answer....a place created just for you....your healing...your journey......your FIERCELY RESILIENT  life.

I'm also an LMFT psychotherapist in California and provide online therapy for any California residents. If you're interested in therapy please visit


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