Resilient Life Institute LLC and Tacha Kasper can create full or topic specific events, podcasts, keynotes, workshops or trainings. 

Please CONTACT US BY CLICKING HERE to inquire about any of the following:

Corporate Events & Training

Podcast Guest Speaking

Special Events  and Keynote Guest Speaking

Professional Trainings and Workshops 

Collaborative Events

Advocacy Events 

*Coming Spring 2022 Fiercely Resilient™ Clinician Training & Certification 

Topic Expertise includes:

  • Mental & Emotional Health & Chronic Pain / Illness
  • Thriving During and After Cancer
  • Surviving Breast Cancer
  • Trauma & Post Traumatic Growth
  • Childhood Adverse Effects and Chronic Health Conditions
  • Grief & Loss Related to Illness / Cancer
  • Preventative Healing for Children 
  • Chronic Health Issues in the Corporate World
  • Improving Employee Productivity & Decreasing Absenteeism
  • Managing & Supporting Employee Mental Health
  • and more....

During her career, Tacha has trained & presented to many groups of 250-450 and been a keynote speaker for in person events with audiences as large as 750+. 




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