I have found that those of us with chronic health issues or trauma don’t need another diagnosis, but rather someone who REALLY understands and can help give the right support and tools. 

You’re a warrior and you want to level up and be completely FIERCE when it comes to your life. 

If I were to ask you if you are resilient ..you would answer YES! 

Even though you are already resilient there is room to improvement. We don't automatically come equipped to deal with chronic health problems. It's very normal to need help. Living with health challenges or trauma requires fierce resilience ... an unending, relentless force that fuels and empowers you.

empower you with the tools, skill set and mindset, which are all backed by neuroscience (and I share that with you also) so that you can move from "just surviving" and into THRIVING. 

I'm here to help you live the Fiercely Resilient™ life that you desire!

Join the Fierce Warriors Club and be part of a community of chronic health warriors who are working through challenges, empowering themselves, reducing their pain and not willing to let any diagnosis define them. 

You are NOT your illness…..you are so much more, and your pain and illness is only a part of you. You get to live a full life, even with chronic illness. Nobody comes automatically equipped to handle it all alone: resilience can be learned and you can begin to live fiercely now. 

Each month we have a specific theme and you will receive two monthly emails filled with worksheets and resources, encouraging you and leading you to improve your mindset and skill set to that you can live a Fiercely Resilient™ life….starting right now.

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You're tired of struggling and feeling stuck....now you want your life back. 

My name is Tacha and I empower people who feel overwhelmed by life's circumstances, such as chronic illness, cancer or trauma, to leverage your strengths and increase your mind set and skill set in order to live a FIERCELY RESILIENT™️ life. 

This is my passion... and by helping so many others, who have suffered just like you, I've been able to refine and craft an easy, yet effective system to activate your resilience. 

I've created an easy, effective and integrated, unique 12 step Fiercely Resilient™ protocol that walks you through everything you need to manage your chronic health condition and reduce your pain. Created from a combination of my clinical training, my psychotherapy practice, and my own life experiences of childhood abuse, battling chronic pain & illness for 15 years ( & counting), as well as recently overcoming Triple Negative breast cancer, this protocol has been used to help so many transform their pain and their lives. 


By combining elements of Positive psychology, Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Somatic Experiencing, and the Neuroscience that supports each mindset shift and skill set.... you will quickly gain awareness of how to build your resilience and empower yourself beyond just surviving and into thriving. 


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