Chronic Pain & Illness Group Coaching Program

A wellness group helping you learn coping skills and information so that you can start taming your pain and illness right now.

Start living your FIERCELY RESILIENT™ life...NOW.


We will cover how to better manage the emotional and mental impact of living with pain/illness, as well as evidence-based (non-medication) effective pain management. Often times the emotional issues are more distressing than the physical and may even make symptoms worse.

All pain and illness is a combination of mental and physical symptoms......

as long as your head is attached to your body it's impossible to fully heal without addressing the mental symptoms.

This does NOT mean that "it's all in your head"'s not!!

But, you already know that your moods and stress will impact and often increase your pain, therefore we all need to learn tactics for a better mindset as well as the skills to go with it. 

Stop suffering and start living a better quality of life. 


Topics include: anxious worry, sadness & depressed mood, isolation, relationship issues, grief, self-esteem, intimacy, caregiver strain, family tension, fatigue,"painsomnia", body image issue, how to create a positive 'new normal' and so much more.

Each WEEK we will 'deep dive' into a topic and you will:

  •  be guided and taught by a trained coach
  •  learn about the mind-body connection
  •  receive support from others just like you
  •  neuro-plasticity tools to manage overall symptoms
  •  learn & practice new coping skills 
  •  discuss your emotions in a healthy and supportive environment
  •  learn evidenced-based techniques to better manage pain and illness
  •  identify ways to combat mental & physical fatigue due to pain/illness
  •  tools to improve your relationship communication (partner, family, friends, etc)
  •  tools to decrease social isolation
  •  discover more about your inner strength and find your 'voice' 
  •  be exposed to a wide range of perspectives
  •  increase your ability to be mindful and manage stress
  •  ways to leverage your strength into resilience and growth


What you'll get:

  •  8 Weekly Live Group Coaching Zoom meetings
  •  Worksheets
  •  Recording of group calls** 

**Available during session dates


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Single Payment


8 Weeks Group Coaching Program

  • Save $33 by making a single payment 
  • Payment at registration
  • Commitment for full 8  weeks
  • Includes BONUS: 2 months of free VIP Fierce Warriors Club($38 value)



8 Weeks Group Coaching Program

  • Two (2) payments of $265.00 USD for total of $530.00 USD
  • 1st Payment at registration; 2nd automated payment 30 days later (week 4)
  • Commitment for full 8 weeks
  • Includes BONUS: 2 months of free VIP Fierce Warriors Club ($38 value)

*Group coaching is not psychotherapy; you will not receive a diagnosis. Group coaching if for psycho-educational and wellness educational purposes only. Material provided during group coaching is all based on evidenced-based and best practices. Group terms and conditions at




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