Right now women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. We already needed to support and connect with each other, and now it's even more important. I have created a place where we can have open, authentic and vulnerable conversations about the real challenges that we are all facing as women and find solutions and ways that will help right away.

Becoming "Fiercely Resilient" is a combination of mindset and skillset: we don't automatically come equipped with these things. It doesn't matter what you call it, whether it's... "our community...female intuition...female consciousness....female tribe"....this is a place where we can learn, be inspired, and become empowered to live the best versions of our lives.



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DAY 1 - 

Kate Pieper, LMFT

TOPIC: Resilience from the Front Lines

Jody Pittner, Owner Truly Connected Institute

TOPIC: Why Creating in a Crisis is Courageous 

Dr. Patricia Ann Wallace, Uro-Gynecologist, Owner OC Pelvic Healing 

TOPIC: All Things Women’s Health & Wellness

DAY 2 -

Samantha Paige Lawrence, Owner The Bright Life 

TOPIC: Yoga & Chakras for Wellness

Lynn Brown Rosenberg, Author "My Sexual Awakening at 70"

TOPIC: Overcoming Ourselves; My Sexual Awakening at 70

Dorrie Lane, Owner Wondrous Vulva

TOPIC:  Feminine Wisdom & Your Wondrous Vulva

DAY 3 - 

Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni

TOPIC: Building Resilience with Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

Holly Ann Kasper, Author The Radical Imperfectionist Podcast

TOPIC: The Radical Imperfectionist and Homeschooling

Dr. Julie Sarton, Owner Sarton Physical Therapy 

TOPIC: How to Heal ( and Avoid) Painful Sex at Any Age

DAY 4 - 

Ginger Klee, LMFT

TOPIC:  Healing from Trauma and  LGBTQ Issues

Alexandria Kenyon, Author Naked Conversations Podcast

TOPIC: Self Acceptance, Body Image and Intuition

Alycia Burant, LPC

TOPIC: Pregnancy, Going Blind and Birth Trauma

DAY 5 - 

Boonie Sripom, Owner Organized Messes

TOPIC:  What It's like to be a Highly Sensitive Person or Neuro-diverse 

Jasmin Carnelus, LMFT

TOPIC: Empowerment of African American Women

Jessica Rose Naccari

TOPIC:  The Energy of Crystals: Beyond Just Pretty


DAY 6 - 

Abbee Rocha, Owner Lovely Girl 

TOPIC: Consciousness Reset

Jennifer Ponce, Prevention & Education Manager of Laura's House

TOPIC: Help & Advocating against Abuse of All Kinds

Emily Sauer, Owner OhNut

TOPIC: Tools for Avoiding Painful Intercourse

DAY 7 - 

Dr. Danielle Daniel, LCSW

TOPIC: Wellness using Essential Oils & Psychoaromatherapy

Dr. Nicole Cozean, Owner Pelvic Sanity 

TOPIC: Pelvic Health and Wellness (and Interstitial Cystitis & Pelvic issues)

Jane Silverstein, Owner Soul Source Therapeutics

TOPIC: Tools for helping with Pelvic Health 

Austin Akre, Owner 3 A Connection Coaching 

TOPIC: Clarity and Connection for Wellness

About Your Host 

My name is Tacha Kasper and I'm your host for the Fiercely Resilient Women's Health & Wellness Virtual Summit. I’m a Wellness Coach that specializes in women’s health and wellness (including chronic pain / illness, cancer & autoimmune) grief and trauma.
I’ve battled my own chronic illness (Interstitial Cystitis) for 15 years, a recent Triple Negative breast cancer survivor & childhood abuse survivor. I am the living embodiment of post traumatic growth. My passion and mission is to help others live a “Fiercely Resilient” life by educating, inspiring and empowering them.
I’m “seizing the day” with the extra down time in quarantine and desire to help women who are struggling to manage all the different aspects of life right now. 
I’ve assembled a great group of multi-cultural speakers that serve women for the inaugural “Fiercely Resilient” Women’s Health and Wellness Virtual Summit.  It coincides with the National Women’s Health & Wellness week. There will be a lot of expert speakers and information around women’s health & wellness issues including:
dealing with Covid19,
working from home,
managing roles (mom, wife, teacher, etc),
mental health,
emotional wellness,
overcoming trauma, 
finding your center,
LGBTQ issues,
motherhood, pregnancy & post-partum,
pelvic wellness & dysfunction,
sexual health including painful sex and more.



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